We have had an amazing journey helping business’s make their statement online and have received tons of awesome testimonials. We have compiled a few we’ve received…

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Our mission of Easy Social Media Marketing is to make social media marketing and personal branding available to business owners and to guide sustainable social media strategies.

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Social Media Marketing Made Easy YouTubeCould your business be

missing out on YouTube?


Videos, long or short, can have a positive impact on your business online traffic or for conversion. Apart from reading content, consumers also love watching videos. This is easier to do, and hence gaining popularity, compared to reading a text-based advertisement. High percentages of audience are known to interact with videos, they tend to quickly browse through the ads and click the video control buttons.

With Easy Social Media Marketing’s YouTube package you get:

Easy Social Media Marketing A fully branded YouTube channel with customised and professionally designed images
Easy Social Media Marketing A 60-90 second promotional video customised for your business
Easy Social Media Marketing A YouTube Marketing online training session – so you can keep utilising YouTube as a beneficial marketing tool


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